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Getting to Phnom Penh

We just arrived in Phnom Penh yesterday afternoon after a long and eventful trip from Can Tho, on the Mekong Delta. We discovered that the only way to get here was to catch a 7:30am boat from Chau Doc, a town on the border with Cambodia. However there is a 3hour bus ride to get there, so we had to wake up at 3:45am. We then proceeded to take an unlikely combination of taxi, bus, bike-tuc-tuc, boat and moto-tuc-tuc! Photos of me and my enormous backpack piled onto a tuc-tuc are forthcoming.

Phnom Penh is a welcome respite from Vietnam, with more amenities and less chaos and noise. We haven’t done much sight-seeing yet. We had a lazy 24 hr as we were recovering from our prior 4am departure. We couldn’t sleep on the bus (which was actually a very crowded mini-van) because there was Vietnamese music blaring for the entire 3 hours and also once the sun rose the driver started honking constantly to get all the motorcycles out of his way (both in our lane or the opposite one, he wasn’t wedded to a lane). I still wouldn’t exchange the experience- for once we were really doing what the locals do!

View of Chau Doc from the boat up the Mekong

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